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MCX workshop 2019
Boston, MA
Aug 8-9, 2019
We successfully held a MCX workshop this year. The goal was to introduce our widely-disseminated photon transport software-MCX, MMC and provide both group and 1-on-1 hands-on tutorials to people who are using our software for research. With many new features added (what are they?), our tools have become more powerful, providing strong support to the community of biomedical optics.
This time we have over 30 participants coming from multiple countries and our users have also grown rapidly. So we are looking forward to seeing you next year!
New journal paper published
November 30, 2018
A new paper ''Graphics processing units-accelerated adaptive nonlocal means filter for denoising three-dimensional Monte Carlo photon transport simulations" was published on Journal of Biomedical Optics". The detail can be seen HERE.
This work is part of the pipeline of Monte Carlo (MC) light transport+denoising, serving as the denoiser that improves 3D MC image quality.
1. MCX
2. ANLM filter
OSA & MCX workshop 2018
Holywood, Florida
April 2-6, 2018
Our research group attended the OSA conference in April, 2018. I submitted an abstract of MC denoising using GPU-accelerated non-local means filter. I also presented a poster regarding this work.
The second MCX workshop was held in the conference. I was responsible for giving presentation on MCX software tutorial and workshop logistics.
Mathworks workshop
Egan Engineering/Science Research Center, NEU
March 12, 2018
I attended the Mathworks workshop to present the poster of our work using MATLAB. The poster includes MCXCL, GPU-accelerated non-local means denoising, meshed-based Monte Carlo and brain2mesh workflow.
Photo Mar 12, 1 50 48 PM.jpg
MCX workshop 2017
Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex, NEU
August 8-9, 2017
This was our first MCX workshop. The aim was to provide tutorials and technical assistance of our high-performance light transport toolbox (MC eXtreme) to the biomedical optics community. I was responsible for the workshop organization and give tutorials for MCX software.
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